In a friendly environment, close by the University we begun since August 2014 to offer our service to the students and pupils of our city, with the best and cutting edge technology digital machines.





Irrespectively of the volume, we have the ability to product 100.000 b&w A4 pages per day with 0,05€ per page and more that 5.000 colored A4 pages from 0,20€-0,50€ per page depending on the coverage and the process of automated stampling and punching. 

You can choose among a big variety of papers in different colors from 80 up to 300gr, as well as between several types of stickers. Of course, we print from every portable device such as hard disk, USB, memory disk, cd, dvd etc.

You can always send us your file through email to print.


Β) Bookbinding

α) Platic Spiral = The most Το πιο widespread means of bookbinding of your homework as a student. The spiral with average opening of 180 degrees can fit up to 500 pages, with transparent slide in the front and back as well as with colored cardboard of your choice.

β) Thermal = In the «Πτυχία Copies κτώνται» we use the best two-page thermls, guaranteeing the flawless presentation of your work (Master thesis, publication papers, homeworks). We have the ability to bookbind up to 340 pages.